11 Houses That Went Viral This Year


“Going viral” can mean fame—or infamy. Here are a dozen houses that secured their 15 minutes of fame in unusual ways.


  1. Posted by thecrabbylion, — Reply

    Reminds me of what my own sister did, to my "Inheritance" – BEFORE placing it into #ProbateCourt! (Only, the owner of THIS house decided to add some #GoodHumor, to a terrible situation!) Poor Spider! 😱🕷😂🕸

  2. Posted by snailhorns40, — Reply

    See for me it would have to be one of those giant red wasps because I'm literally phobic of them. Spiders are just roommates who eat bugs.

  3. Posted by lexuantam89320, — Reply

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  4. Posted by taliab22, — Reply

    bahaha , literally every time i see a spider i scream and run away then get the vacuum, suck it up, then out layers or plastic wrap over the tube, then put a rubber band to secure it, then i leave the vacuum in the corner for a week.😂

  5. Posted by sierrahigginbotham41, — Reply

    Lolll! Just imagine someone walking by this house and deciding to vandalize it. I swear these are the funniest people ever!

  6. Posted by heatherwhite205, — Reply

    That’s so me and my sister when we’re trying to get a spider we be jumping on the bed we be scream I’m GOING TO gET YOU SpIDER

  7. Posted by Jack__Kelly, — Reply

    I feel like this is what the Athena cabin would look like after They saw the spider

  8. Posted by bitemegop, — Reply

    Andrea Rino, Got the effing spider & a ruby red shoe wearing witch as well... Life is Good... 😇✌💙

  9. Posted by shogunsrage, — Reply

    Presidential adress, Trump: we lost many many lives in that conflict, But! We finally got the spider!

  10. Posted by myasuddarth, — Reply

    Wen they say “ahhh spider burn the house down” they don’t actually mean it like ha but hey u do u 😂

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