40 Amusing Memes And Comics That Are Too Good To Pass Up


40 Amusing Memes And Comics That Are Too Good To Pass Up - Funny memes that "GET IT" and want you to too. Get the latest funniest memes and keep up what is going on in the meme-o-sphere.


  1. Posted by nadoushaahmed00, — Reply

    *makes a doll of my classmates and slides scissors of of the kitchen table and starts stabbing it agressivley* WELL I WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS IF YOU GUYS RETURNED THE PENCILS I LET YOU BORROW!!!!

  2. Posted by Monceyo58, — Reply

    Ohhh Was he giving a shoulders massage to the doll? Lmfao I thought he was putting himself in the chair with the dick (the cake or the dick game reference)

  3. Posted by tezzanlarsson, — Reply

    oooooo!!! scratching those places you don't reach! make a complicated hair due :D or if you wanna skip work, break a leg ;)

  4. Posted by wingmaker96, — Reply

    I’ve never thought of this. Better lock it up in the meantime: don’t want to mistake it for a stress toy

  5. Posted by delisammiches, — Reply

    I like the ones where its a kid (or adult) who cant walk and so they get the feeling of it through the voodoo dolls

  6. Posted by Poppyplanter80, — Reply

    Better hope the dog doesn't get it

  7. Posted by 22esargent, — Reply

    I like how most people would use it to scratch their backs, like YEAH RIGHT! they all lying, or too innocent

  8. Posted by Strider344, — Reply

    You can use it to scratch that one spot on your back you can’t reach!!

  9. Posted by Mirror_Mirror196, — Reply

    Oh geez, I thought of ANOTHER form of pleasure you could use that doll for

  10. Posted by goemv, — Reply

    The perfect way to kill myself.

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