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Happy FriYAY! I hope the sun is shining bright wherever you’re at today because it has been absolutely beautiful in Nebraska lately and it is the BEST! With all of this warm weather, it’s really started to make me think about SUMMER!! I can’t believe I even get to type that out…it’s so close!!! With... View Post


  1. Posted by bjhunnicutt6040, — Reply

    Beautiful backyard idea that I've seen this week

  2. Posted by arbolande, — Reply

    Iluminación para la zona exterior

  3. Posted by gfiock, — Reply

    I am wondering what is between the cedar planks? is it waterproof?

  4. Posted by alana1972, — Reply

    I like how the lights are strung

  5. Posted by coeurdalenewood, — Reply

    Very nice!

  6. Posted by duff457, — Reply

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