Clear Snakeskin 2 Nail Decals • Nail Art - Waterslide Decal - nail wraps - Cheap Gift for Her - girly - fashion deco - stickers


👇PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION BELOW!💖 OG nail decals are perfect for natural nails, gel & acrylic systems or press on nails. Super easy to apply at home, or bring them in to your nail tech! 💕✨ You recieve •1 sheet, 17 pc + practice decals •Easy application, detailed instructions with every order ✔ ***Please note our processing times (2-3 business days) when ordering! If you need your decals sooner, or by a certain date you need to let us know! ***We can always customize nail wraps and decals with your images, just us drop an inbox! APPLICATION: 1. Apply a white or pastel base and let dry. 2. Cut closely around the decal to fit your nail, or into any shape you want. 3. Dip the decal in water for about 10 seconds, and the backing will start to slide off. 4. Place the decal and press down firmly to seal it to your nail. 5. File off any excess overhang. 6. Seal your images with 2 coats of a fast-dry topcoat or gel topcoat. Be sure to cap your edges! *Decals will last 7-10 days with polish, and up to 3 weeks with gel!*