Clever Jokes and Dumb Puns That Are Technically Not Wrong


Clever Jokes and Dumb Puns That Are Technically Not Wrong - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.


  1. Posted by Lauryn7091, — Reply

    Spooky shopkeeper: How about this, I am the devil! Literally Satan himself Me: *nudges employee* All bosses are, am I right? Lol Spooky shopkeeper: *implodes*

  2. Posted by alexis_balthrop, — Reply

    Shopkeeper: Please take a look at our candy section. I guess you could say our treats die for! *lighting strike* Me, rummaging through candy bars: Aren't they all haha

  3. Posted by maddierosethorn, — Reply

    "I must warn you, these statues come at a terrible cost" "20$?! Ill just steal them when you aren't looking" "What?" "I said I'm gonna rob you."

  4. Posted by Acheillez, — Reply

    Spooky shopkeeper, visibly frustrated: What I'm trying to say is, you are gonna regret shopping here but your pleasure blinds you of the future for now. Me, thinking about the one dollar I have: Man, that's some right advice. You are right, I can't afford anything. Thanks, man! You are not such a bad guy! Shopkeeper: wat.... happened?

  5. Posted by elleerjudd, — Reply

    spooky shopkeeper: Beware of that item me: You are a terrible businessman do you even want me to buy it spooky shopkeeper: Exasperated sigh

  6. Posted by peridot_official, — Reply

    Spooky Shopkeeper: if you buy that... it wILL COST YOU YOUR LIFE Me, a gen zer: Haha nice Spooky Shopkeeper, concerned: are you ok Me: in this economy??!!!

  7. Posted by Curious_Ruins, — Reply

    Shopkeeper, ready to throw something: If you buy that, you'll never see your loved ones again! Me, trying to buy a hella nice smartphone: Ok Boomer

  8. Posted by redlovesmedia, — Reply

    Ight so ima take this cute little cat Shopkeeper:that’s a evil cat Me: I’m aware what a cat is Me:hey I’m here for some books Shopkeeper: what do you want? Me:idk what about this Shopkeeper:that’s... that’s a evil spell book Me:aw neat.a simple read Me:Hey do you have bandaids Shopkeeper:why? Me:some dude punched my eye Shopkeeper:Aw hell nah

  9. Posted by antonijabicvic1, — Reply

    This has the same energy as that Simpson episode where homer buys that creepy Krusty the clown doll for Bart and the Chinese shopkeeper tries to warn him it's cursed.

  10. Posted by jacknapiervlog, — Reply

    Obviously you don't understand capitalism, otherwise you'd go to a competitor and buy from them. If only this person can sell this stuff it means they have copyright which is government protection, which isn't capitalism

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