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THIS THREAD IS DEAD. JOIN US HERE.     #5 ended most likely because of deletes. If you post a douchey meme that you regret, just edit it please. Let try to get this thread to the end!


  1. Posted by eevemusicdy, — Reply

    Okay, but I always look at my anime mans and womans and I get A's. Like, that's stereotypical. I dont even study lol. I know it isn't meant to be seen like "all weebs are stupid n shit" I'm just saying. This isn't meant to be rude, just my opinion. I'm allowed to have one and if you disagree, fight me.

  2. Posted by lovesnne4, — Reply

    Someone needs to take away grandma's computer, she's learning too much!!

  3. Posted by thisbrainempty, — Reply


  4. Posted by Mate_Is_It_Balsamic, — Reply

    *airhorn blares in background*

  5. Posted by leahnixon07, — Reply

    Oh god, and she's still got more to say lmao

  6. Posted by night2635, — Reply

    Anime's suck

  7. Posted by littlepotatoolivia, — Reply


  8. Posted by AC_blacklight, — Reply

    We need more grandmas like her!!!

  9. Posted by WarriorCat1987, — Reply

    Wow that granny is savage!

  10. Posted by haileymarsman, — Reply

    Has grandma gone MAD?!

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