Percy Jackson:What Cabin Do You Belong In?



  1. Posted by supercookiesophia, — Reply

    OK so the quiz. Wouldn’t load for me but from looking at the comments, i am frickin enraged. Artemis??? She’s the maiden goddess! And dont know how accurate this one is but it said there was no Athena?!?! What?!

  2. Posted by whitneyc524, — Reply

    First of all, there is no Athena and she is my actual godly parent I took the Rick Riordan quiz and Artemis is a Maiden goddess! This is not right!

  3. Posted by chaudhryshyna, — Reply

    This quiz only has major God’s, I took a quiz somewhere else and I got Hecate. I now know how Hufflepuffs feel cuz we Hecate kids have no mercy whatsoever

  4. Posted by deliettewelde, — Reply

    I think the creator has a problem with Aphrodite Cabin because when I got Aphrodite the first time, it basically said “spend more time helping others and less time worrying about your nails and split ends”

  5. Posted by kaylieeng, — Reply

    For those of you who got Artemis and are complaining that she shouldn’t have kids: 1. It actually says that on the result sheet 2. The hunters of Artemis are a thing that exists

  6. Posted by acgoff17, — Reply

    I got ares and honestly what I know about me and him he's one of the Least likely gods I would have as my parent,I personally don't think this quiz is that accurate cause I took the Rick Riordan quiz and got Poseidon

  7. Posted by aminagracer, — Reply

    I know that Antemis vowed not to have kids but apparently the person who made the quiz didn't know. But yes she can have hunters, FYI I love Artemis, she is my favorite goddess. I have read all the Percy Jackson books and the hunters are so cool and now that Thalia is there.......

  8. Posted by pluff1452, — Reply

    I'm actually a child of Apollo. I got Artemis but she is a Maiden Goddess! I geuss they're saying I would be one of her hunters.

  9. Posted by eviread07, — Reply

    I am usually Athena bit she wasn't on this quiz. Also I got Aphrodite which is not me at all so this quiz is not accurate.

  10. Posted by cici1152, — Reply

    Hey Nico! Lol ya idk why I’m here but... hey! I’m so excited to meet u! (Holds our hand) Nico: 🙄 dont touch me little-

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